Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My SuperSampler Pics

Gee this Lomo camera is a fun one!!
It does depend rather on sunny weather. A bit of a summer-time camera me-thinks.
I have learned from this first roll of film that I can move the camera a lot more than I thought.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three Books I Am Excited For This Year:

Today I got a little excited.
I pre-ordered Jonathan Safran Foer's latest book.
It has been an evasive little epistle... selling out everywhere. I think due to the difficulty in creating it, they only print it in small numbers.
But I apparently have a copy with my name on it coming soon .

I discovered that my favourite poet in the world - Billy Collins
has another poetry anthology coming out. Yeeha! The title grabs me!

Also Markus Zusak's new book "Bridge Of Clay" is coming. Oooh the anticipation!

Things That Happened in 2010

- Went on a spontaneous trip with Bethany to see Ingrid Michaelson play at a tiny theatre in Katoomba.

- Listened to She & Him a lot.

- Purchased a bicycle and rode it less than I had imagined.

- Moved into a little unit by myself… first time living alone. Enjoyed decorating it with bunting and polaroids and general fun-ness.

- Stared at people and things accidentally… in moments of brain fuzz.

- Had a fun trip to Adelaide with the Birds and Humfreys, where I ate Yum Cha for the first time, and enjoyed some tram-action.

- Bought a car for the first time. It. Is. Amazing.

- Read lots of books with my book club… hoho what delicious fun. Became well acquainted with the book depository.

- Wondered a lot about things, life, the future etc.

- Experimented with my Polaroid, Instax, Diana, and my new Lomo SuperSampler.

- Prayed desperate prayers for me and for my friends and family.

- Received a box full of letters for my birthday.

- Saw Johnny Mayer with my little bro. Enjoyed many a D&M with the brother too.

Monday, September 6, 2010

What I did This Weekend:

I made this fort on Saturday so I could read in it and watch dvds. It is so happy and fun. Feel so much like a kid crawling on my knees to get inside. Good times.

I watched "Up In The Air"

and "Away We Go" - which was really funny.
My sister and I may have snorted watching this one.

-Drove home my folks place for Father's Day
- Got my brother's birthday present. (Peter Alexander Pjs.)
- Read the Saturday Newspaper
- Finished reading "The History Of Love" by Nicole Krauss. (Highly Recommended.)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Some things I like:

Life has been too busy for blogging recently. Here are a few things I love that I have discovered over the past few months:

Pretty jewelry by Tamar on etsy. This necklace is called blushing necklace. I would love this one!!

Time Gone By Dress by Anthropologie I could sooo wear this to a 1940s party I have next weekend.

These Yellow Seychelles sandals. (The bottom pair.) Which I saw on Oh Hello Friend.

And these sik lil puppies (Missy Elliot's design for Adidas.). I haven't seen Step Up 3D but secretly want to. I can imagine myself crumping in these bad boys.

Perhaps I could wear a few of these as a combo?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Like: Ghost Patrol

A few years ago I saw a documentary on Ghost Patrol. He does some amazing work which has a real whimsical vibe. The doco showed him putting his art works up in the streets around Melbourne. I love artists who share their art with their community.

The Smell Of My New Jumper

I bought a new bonds sloppy joe.
It looks like this only blue.
& only I don't look like that.

Anyhow. It smells sooo nice. After a year of only buying second hand clothes, I have really come to appreciate the smell of newness. (But am sticking to secondhand as much as I can.)

I am wearing it now with Ugg boots cos it is rainy and cold, and I wanted a snuggly jumper.