Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things That Happened in 2010

- Went on a spontaneous trip with Bethany to see Ingrid Michaelson play at a tiny theatre in Katoomba.

- Listened to She & Him a lot.

- Purchased a bicycle and rode it less than I had imagined.

- Moved into a little unit by myself… first time living alone. Enjoyed decorating it with bunting and polaroids and general fun-ness.

- Stared at people and things accidentally… in moments of brain fuzz.

- Had a fun trip to Adelaide with the Birds and Humfreys, where I ate Yum Cha for the first time, and enjoyed some tram-action.

- Bought a car for the first time. It. Is. Amazing.

- Read lots of books with my book club… hoho what delicious fun. Became well acquainted with the book depository.

- Wondered a lot about things, life, the future etc.

- Experimented with my Polaroid, Instax, Diana, and my new Lomo SuperSampler.

- Prayed desperate prayers for me and for my friends and family.

- Received a box full of letters for my birthday.

- Saw Johnny Mayer with my little bro. Enjoyed many a D&M with the brother too.

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