Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year Goals

Resolutions? Goals? Call them what you will, here are some things I am aiming towards in 2010:

- Being a good and regular pen-pal to a few of my good friends who have moved away. (Real snail mail, not the electronic variety.)

- Starting and Learning how to Blog.... guess I am on track for this one.

- Take part in a package exchange

-Have more dinner parties

- Have a stall at the local markets

- Complete my collection of Tuckfields Bird Cards (mmm this is a little nerdy yes…?)

- Make crème brulee

-Take polaroids of interesting number graphics on buildings etc.. maybe try do a count to 25?

- Build a fort. An outdoor one on the beach before summer ends and an indoor one once it cools.

- Investigate classes in either: sewing, photography or graphic design.

I also have lots of movies, lots of books, some musicians to see and lots of recipes I want to try also. I know that with the three jobs I will be working this year, as well as full-time study, it may be hard to keep up some creativity. But I am optimistic. :-)

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