Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Want to Make A Patchwork Quilt

Mmhm It is true. I have been eyeing off cute ones on blog pictures for ages.
Here are some pics of cute patchwork quilts. (Mmm 2/3 have babies in them... I think that adds to the cuteness of these quilts.)

This one comes from Ruby at Cakies. How cute is baby Soul?

This one is from the bedroom of Kara Haupt of "I Just Might Explode" I love it's jaggedness.

I can't remember where this one is from... maybe You Are My Fave or A Cup Of Jo?

I have been looking for one on ebay and in op-shops, but have had no luck. THEN i thought to myself.... why don't I make one? Yeow! So I am going to be hunting and thrifting 2nd hand material for a while. I already have a nice creamy yellow bit that was an old curtain I think. NB. I cannot sew. So this is a bit of a mission for me. My sister has a sewing machine, so I am hoping to be able to borrow it to get a feel for it.

Today I spoke to at the meeting of a bunch of old ladies at "Prime Time" (hehe cute name)... they are all knitters, crocheters and patchworkers and are making blankets for local and international use in refuges, orphanages and other places where people might be cold and need a blanket to cuddle. I want to be like that when I am old. So I figure I had better start practicing now.

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