Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Last year I went a whole year without buying any new clothes (underwear excluded). I bought second-hand clothes from op-shops and e-bay. My main motivation for this was to be more ethical in my clothing choices, that I would not be throwing money toward companies who have their clothes made in China or India where workers do not receive fair pay for their work.
Anyhow... that year is over, and having broken my clothes shopping habits, my goal now is to continue buying second hand clothes, and when buying new clothes, to buy fair-trade or Australian made clothing.

There are some really lovely clothing companies who make their entire line in Australia.

These include:

(I bought one of their T-shirts from a local store the other day and it is comfeeeee!)

There are also some companies which make large amounts of their line in Australia (so you would have to check on the item's tag)

I am on the lookout for more Australian made clothing.

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