Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Collection Of: Cameras

So.. I have only recently got into photography. By "got into", I am hardly good... just at the very experimental phase. I am wanting to try different cameras and I love instant photography.
Anyhow... here is my small camera collection. I dream of one day adding a rather awesome digital SLR... but for now I am loving playing with film. One day I will do a course and learn how to process my own. One day.......

Canon ixus 70 - Reliable, compact, has lots of funky affects and takes videos with sound.

Fuji Instax Mini in Choc - I got this in the mail today yeeeee! The photos are sooo cute and tiny. I am in love.

Diana F+ have only done one colour film in it so far. It had red in the corners of a lot of them, so i have some learning to do. I have a black and white one in at the moment, but keep forgetting to take it places..

Polaroid Sun 600 - I love this baby... it is getting expensive and tricky to find film.. but they are gonna be making it again real soon.

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